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So you want more information about Revolution Money Exchange before you sign up.

May 13th, 2008 at 11:28 am

Ok, I understand. I know that no one wants to sign up for something without understanding the fine print. So click these links and read the fine print. Then sign up to get your $25 free!!(limited time, according to the refer-a-friend website it expires on May 15th) The money is there immediately after your account is accepted-which for me was also immediately. If you have a significant other, they can sign up as well. Basically one account per person. You must be 18 or the age a majority in your area. And it is currently only available to US residents. There are no fees to open the account, link the account to your checking account, load money to the account, or withdrawal money from the account to your linking checking account. The schedule of fees is defined as follows:

Transaction Description -- Fee

Withdraw Money by Check $2.50

Paper Statement $5.00

Returned ACH fee $35.00

Overdraft Fee $35.00

Stop Payment on a Check $20.00

Text is Terms of Use and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/WebSiteTermsofUse.aspx
Terms of Use
Text is Accountholder Agreement and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/AccountHolderAgmt.aspx
Accountholder Agreement
Text is Security features and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/Security.aspx
Security features

Referral links removed so as not to offend

Did you know

April 14th, 2008 at 08:37 am

The Compact Fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them. The package says they must be disposed of properly. Did you know that this is as simple as a google search for HHW (hazardous household waste) and the name of the nearest major city? Google should be able to find the nearest HHW recycling center for you. I was able to find that Charmeck - Charlotte and the nearby communities, has 4 HHW centers that offer free disposal of most HHW. I also found many, many articles advising that although the mercury in a CFL bulb is dangerous and needs to be disposed of properly when the bulb needs replaced or is broken, it can be done simply and you do not need to call a HAZMAT team!

Do not use a vacuum to clean the residue from a broken CFL!! Open windows to allow the mercury vapor to dissipate while you work. Clean up the dust and glass fragments with a disposable towel. Place the peices, and the towel in a sealable bag or container (Zip lock should work). Take it to the HHW recycling center.

Dye eggs Dye!!

March 25th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

Well, I had to be the Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner again. I had 4 and one half dozen eggs. Their crime was being boring white eggs the day before Easter. I found them guilty of blandness and colorlessness (heh heh) and sentenced them to .....DYE.

We prepared 7 small vats of boiling vinegar water, in different colors of course, for them to dye in. The children took great joy in assisting in the process of making sure that each egg had dyed. A few of the eggs were drowned in more than one vat! I myself took responsibility for holding one unlucky egg over the edge so that only half of it were in the green vat. Then I repeated the process putting the other half in the blue vat. It was eggsellent fun. I then hatched up a plan to dye the middle of an egg by rotating it in a spoonful of the red vat's dye. I did not ask the egg what it's dying wish was, I simply dipped the ends into two other colors!! Oh the humaneggty!

Those eggs dyed right in front of my children, who were egging me on. And for the first time in years I did not tell the story of the cowboy dying eggs that was 'cooked' up in my Father's sometimes soft-boiled mind. See my Dad envisions a lot of scenes or skits in his head, as do I. He concocted this scene of a not so intelligent cowboy in a western comedy. The cowboy is staying with a single women and her children (Widow most likely thanks to the local unlawful men)and they are preparing for Easter Sunday. The cowboy asks if he can help and she says he can. He asks what they are doing and she says dying eggs. He says do you need help with that. She says yes and he pulls out his six shooter and starts blowing the eggs away right there on the counter as he yells , 'DIE you rotten eggs, DIE!!'

Smile The apple didn't fall too far from the tree I suppose.

Ok I reread this and Laughed so I thought I would re-share

September 18th, 2007 at 11:35 am

I was reading my posts saying wow I haven't posted in a while, when I read

Text is BOOM and Link is http://wixx.savingadvice.com/2006/06/30/boom_10737/
BOOM and cracked up laughing. The guy in the cubicle acrossed from me heard me and came over. He read the story and said man that is funny, so I thought I would bring it back to everyone's attention again. The last paragragh, in the silly mood that I am in was ridiculous.

September goals

September 18th, 2007 at 11:22 am

Hey look it is September, guess I should post some goals or something. First I want to remain completely on-board the no vending machine wagon. This is hard to do as I now eat lunch with Joe a lot and he has Reese's peanut butter cups every day. I want peanut butter cups...but I am not buying them.

By the end of the month I should be a certified Cub Scout Den leader.

I suppose a goal of mine ought to be to make sure the kids in my den have the most fun that they will have through their entire scout career during this year.

I want to finish watching the rest of the Firefly episodes on the current run I am on (disk 3), so I can watch the collector's edition of Serenity.

I want to get the bike's out of the garage to get my car in their before the weather gets cooler and the feral kittens decide to keep warm under the hood in the driveway.

I want to get my kids to help me make some terrain again, that was fun. So far they helped me to make trapdoors and helped to glue the foilage onto the tree armatures. I want to get them to make boulders or rocky outcrops out of some of the styrene insulation that I have in the garage.

I want to make fences out of balsa, pillars out of foamboard, and rocky terrain out of styrene...paint, finish, and SELL...just to see if I can.

I still want to write more...never enough hours to spend time with the kids, finish whatever my wife signs me up for, and have enough left for work and fun.

I still want a way to record my 8mm video tapes onto DVD.

I would like to play poker on poker night...

I am still not telling my wife what I got, but I have one of her Christmas presents already... in one of the boxes that she hates so much!!

I want to want to do some cub scout things...sounds silly but I really do want to want to camp out...I just do not at this time. I do want to fire a bow on the archery range, but I would like to want to do some other things...I am after all going to be a den leader, I should want to be more involved.

I want to talk to my Nephew about his first day as a tax-paying employee. He is seventeen and had his first day of his first job yesterday!! I worked seasonally in a very similar store when I was 18 or 19 myself.

I want to find out when my Wife's Brother is leaving for his next trip in the battle against terrorism abroad and take my Wife to visit him and his family before he does.

I want to have better communication with a few of my friends back up North. I talked to my friend, the one who introduced me to my wife today on instant messenger. I would like to talk to him and the best man at my wedding more often.

July goals

June 25th, 2007 at 09:12 am

Goal number 1, I am going to post my goals for the month. Check

One down...That seems silly but since I did not post goals for several months, it is a step in the right direction.

I plan to include my children more in my hobby. More details to follow in a later post, but I spent naptime with my 5-year old, and allowed him to help me make a trapdoor and paint some trees. It was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for both of us. Of course now my daughter wants me to paint at night instead of naptime, so that she can paint too. I foresee a lot of trapdoors, and fences being made soon.

As usual I want to be able to devote more time to writing. If I do some of the terrain modelling and building during the day with my children, it will free up more night time for writing.

I want to take a few packs of ramen noodles to work, to avoid having to buy a lunch if we are running late and dinner does not carry over into a lunch for me the next day. I have only had to buy a lunch maybe 6 times in the last 3 or 4 months, but that is still $30 or so more than ramen noodles and/or a few cans of tuna.

I want to sell the last few things on Ebay that I need to clear out the boxes and make my wife happy. I have repacked the minatures that I have been buying with my Ebay profits to get them to fit nicely in the closet. I am still selling a few more peices that I got great deals on as well as a few old comic books and items that I used to sell at flea markets over a decade ago. I need to finish organizing the Star Wars cards to get them listed.

I plan on making a few pieces of terrain and listing them on Ebay just to see if it is viable to make a little side money doing so. I do not think that I will sell the ones that my kids help with, but my Son's trapdoor has a very good crude look to it, and that is important to a lot of players of orcs / goblins / other crude factions. I can make a few crates, trapdoors, fences, or barrels for very little out of pocket expense. The time it takes is considered my hobby time, so if I am going to spend an hour making a few fences, I can spend a little more time and make three times as many. If I can sell them, all the better. If the hobby can become self-sufficient, bonus.

While working on the terrain, I would like to get a squad or two or the miniatures based and primed, and maybe work on a little paint on them as well.

Once I clear out the living room and sell all of the items that I currently have set aside for Ebay, I want to get a few good deals on the things on my want list: I want an 8mm camcorder and a converter to copy the tapes I currently have onto my PC to burn to DVDs. I want a digital sound processor to play my guitar through my PC and record the tunes. I want to fix my old laptop or replace it. The wife somehow allowed the kids to drop it one too many times. I bought her a new display to fix the crack from the last drop two days before the final drop damaged the Hard Drive connector on the Motherboard (to the technically challeged read that as: I fixed the broken glass on the monitor just before they broke the computer real good)

Nothing to see here

May 28th, 2007 at 07:47 pm

Whatever you thought you saw...you didn't.

Trust me...

Living Beneath your means - Shopping

May 2nd, 2007 at 06:12 am

One of the secrets to paying off debt is that instead of living within your means, you should strive to live beneath your means. I am planning on a series of articles to help define where changes can be made and provide some suggestions to help acheive the goal. Details and other ideas can be found at

Text is http://www.debtreduction101.com/ and Link is
http://www.debtreduction101.com/. One of the easiest places to change your habits to qualify as beneath your current means is shopping. For a lot of people this can be further scrutinized to be clothes shopping. Let me get to the article...

If you are trying to live beneath your means, you should not dress above your means. This does not mean that you should sell all of your fine jewelry or any nice clothes that you currently own, although that may prove more useful than having the items sit around in your closet forever. What I mean is that you must curb your spending on any new clothes to the bare minimum. Once you adjust your budget to reflect less discretionary spending, you will use the extra money to help with your goal of reducing your debt. This should then logically progress from clothes to shopping in general.

Starting with the clothes, you do not really need to have new outfits. You want them. You do not need new shoes unless your only pair is detrimental to your feet. It is more important to lower the amount of money that you are losing each month to interest than it is that you have a nice new outfit to wear to work, school, or Church. The objective here is to pay off your debt as aggressively as possible. This is easier to do if you are not going to the mall spending money that you should be sending toward your highest interest debt. So in the short term your wardrobe should not see any new items. That is not to say that until you have reduced your debt you have to dress like a street urchin.

For men this is easy, we only need a few pairs of pants and a few shirts because most of our clothes mix and match. Women will have to learn to be a bit more creative with accessories if they want to vary their ensembles. Once you have controlled your spending on clothes, you can move on to other items that you want but do not need. First off if you are serious about reducing your debt and you want to meet that goal as soon as possible, you do not need to belong to any purchasing clubs, be it for DVDs, music CDs, books, or whatever.

Anything where you are tempted to make a purchase on a regular basis via email, or your mailbox should be avoided. This includes movie rental agreements where you pay a monthly fee to have borrowed movies sent to you. If you have the option to do so with no penalty, you should cancel all of these memberships immediately. Even if you are getting a CD that is $18 in the stores for an average price of $10, that is still $10 that you could pay towards reducing your debt, not to mention the interest that you save. You can also call the customer service number on the sales magazines that you get in the mail and have them take your name and address off of their mailing list. It is too easy to flip through a catalog and see something that you want on sale and forget that even that lower price is more than you want to spend right now.

Your new attitude of not spending money on wants must become a habit if you are going to pay off your debt as quickly as possible. Exceptions to this rule could be made as a reward. For instance, you could buy an inexpensive item from your want list when you pay off a credit card or loan. This will give you incentive to work just as hard or harder to pay off the next. Once you have paid off all of your debt you should attempt to continue to maintain limits on your want buying. The extra money could then be put away to add to your retirement savings.

too much Junk to even take for free.

March 20th, 2007 at 08:54 am

Where I work, they have raffles from time to time to raise money for the Juvenille diabetis research foundation.
I walked out in the atrium where they lay out the goodies that you can win, and the tables were stocked full of piles of sh-tuff. You pick a table of goodies that you want and buy tickets to put in the bag on each table. They will draw winning tickets after lunch.

This is all fine, but the problem is that some of the tables had so much stuff on them that I would need to rent a U-Haul to get it home!! Take the bedding table for instance. Even if I were a lot less masculine and could feel comfortable sleeping in a pastel fuscia bed, I still could not win that prize because my vehicle would not hold it all! They have the entire ensemble: sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams, bed skirts, comfoters, throw pillows, a frilly piece of cloth, two round disks of the same cloth, a few other things that I did not know what they were, a shower rod, a cloth to hang from the shower rod, a blanket two crystal candle holders, and a pair of candles the same color as the stuff.

Who exactly has the time to make a bed with al of that junk on it in the morning? Matching candles? WTF? All of the tables were like this. One of them had no less than a dozen ceramic turtles, that I would need to leave in the yard, because I have no room in my house large enough for them to fit comfortably. Another had a centerpeice the size of my entire table and six smaller versions of the same.

One prize was a big stuffed chair thing that rocks and has audio inputs on the arm to feed the speakers in the head rest. That one would fit in my car if I folded the seats down, but where would I put it once I got it home? In the end, I made a donation and gave my tickets to an associate, who said he wanted to win the bedding for his mother-in-law, in order to stuff her room as full as she tries to stuff his with junk. I liked his reasoning so I doubled his chances to win!

I have 30 years to see a Penguin game again

March 14th, 2007 at 09:18 am

I think I can handle that!

See my Role Model, no wait my Dad is my Role Model...well then my Hero...nope Dad again...sigh. Ok so my favorite hockey player of all time is Mario Lemieux (my Dad can not skate Wink), and he just signed a lease to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh for 30 years! So that gives me a long time to get myself and a kid or two, or more, up to Pittsburgh to see a game. Before I left PA, I was going to an average of fifteen or twenty games per season. I was going to Pitt University which is only a few miles from the Arena. Add that to the fact that they used to sell you the best available seat in the house for $15 if you showed your college ID, and you can see how I found it easy to make it from my late class, down to the Arena.

What is not so easy is explaining how class ends at 8:30 and I made it to the game before the 7:30 faceoff to my Mother. She was too smart to buy that in my physics class we were working on time travel. She also never would have believed that they delayed the start of the game to give me a little more time to get there. Maybe that is why I never tried those excuses. Oh yeah, that is right, I never said a word and just hoped my Dad never saw me on TV at the game. It could have been worse, I could have skipped all my classes, never graduated, and ... oh wait, heh.

Goals for Spring

March 6th, 2007 at 10:48 am

With the onset of Spring in the next few weeks, I thought it was time to write down my goals. Then in the middle of summer I can say heh guess I should start thinking about cut those weeds down...nah it is too late now!

I need a machete...I could get a gas weedeater with a metal blade, but I just know the neighbors would rather see me use a machete on the weeds that are taking over the hillside. Also, if I fall down the hillside with a power tool, I am far more likely to hurt myself than if I am holding a machete...or not.

1. I want to cut down the dead weeds before they turn green in the Spring and are much harder to deal with.

2. I want (need) to finish the doors under the kitchen bench.

3. I want to organize my old computer parts in the file cabinet..possibly even selling some/giving some away.

4. I want to get my audio equipment set up so that I can play my guitar and record it to my computer.

5. I want to get myself setup and motivated to paint some of my miniatures a night or two a week.

6. I want to write again, possibly another night or two a week.

7. I want more nights a week, so that I can also play poker a few nights, watch a movie on a night, play board games on a night, etc.

8. I want to sell some old comic books, but I am going to wait until the Spiderman movie comes out to drive up interest, as most of my comics are Spiderman.

Party Preparations

November 1st, 2006 at 07:13 am

Turns out I had the Original of this one and not the Original of Halloween Lights. Party Preparation was written to be very detail oriented and give the feeling of October and autumn. It is a lot less horrific than Massacre at the Pumpkin Parade (both stories can be found at

Text is Wixx's Wasteland and Link is http://wixxswasteland.com
Wixx's Wasteland)It is 7 pages in this form. Later I went back and added even more detail and particular told more of the story of the villagers that were invited to the castle as 'guests' for the party.

I started a romantic plotline between the narrator and one particular villager that had several twists in my mind. I was not sure how to proceed as all of my ideas were processing in thought but not in type, so there the story sits,waiting for a decision on what will become of the beautiful Ravari and our main character as he completes his Party Preparations.

Halloween Lights was written to give the reader a feeling of early afternoon on Halloween as the characters are finishing up on their Halloween decorating. It was a campy short story with an ending that made me smile and chuckle. It then eveolved into something a lot darker as I tried to bring out more of a contrast between the good exterior and the evil within...it also became more erotic and as such I am not quite ready to release it to the general public. I may tone it down a bit and release it shorty...or save it for next Halloween...

The kids had a great time trick or treating, as expected and most of the kids were actually wearing costumes this year.