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Ok I reread this and Laughed so I thought I would re-share

September 18th, 2007 at 06:35 pm

I was reading my posts saying wow I haven't posted in a while, when I read

Text is BOOM and Link is http://wixx.savingadvice.com/2006/06/30/boom_10737/
BOOM and cracked up laughing. The guy in the cubicle acrossed from me heard me and came over. He read the story and said man that is funny, so I thought I would bring it back to everyone's attention again. The last paragragh, in the silly mood that I am in was ridiculous.

Nothing to see here

May 29th, 2007 at 02:47 am

Whatever you thought you saw...you didn't.

Trust me...

too much Junk to even take for free.

March 20th, 2007 at 03:54 pm

Where I work, they have raffles from time to time to raise money for the Juvenille diabetis research foundation.
I walked out in the atrium where they lay out the goodies that you can win, and the tables were stocked full of piles of sh-tuff. You pick a table of goodies that you want and buy tickets to put in the bag on each table. They will draw winning tickets after lunch.

This is all fine, but the problem is that some of the tables had so much stuff on them that I would need to rent a U-Haul to get it home!! Take the bedding table for instance. Even if I were a lot less masculine and could feel comfortable sleeping in a pastel fuscia bed, I still could not win that prize because my vehicle would not hold it all! They have the entire ensemble: sheets, pillow cases, pillow shams, bed skirts, comfoters, throw pillows, a frilly piece of cloth, two round disks of the same cloth, a few other things that I did not know what they were, a shower rod, a cloth to hang from the shower rod, a blanket two crystal candle holders, and a pair of candles the same color as the stuff.

Who exactly has the time to make a bed with al of that junk on it in the morning? Matching candles? WTF? All of the tables were like this. One of them had no less than a dozen ceramic turtles, that I would need to leave in the yard, because I have no room in my house large enough for them to fit comfortably. Another had a centerpeice the size of my entire table and six smaller versions of the same.

One prize was a big stuffed chair thing that rocks and has audio inputs on the arm to feed the speakers in the head rest. That one would fit in my car if I folded the seats down, but where would I put it once I got it home? In the end, I made a donation and gave my tickets to an associate, who said he wanted to win the bedding for his mother-in-law, in order to stuff her room as full as she tries to stuff his with junk. I liked his reasoning so I doubled his chances to win!

I have 30 years to see a Penguin game again

March 14th, 2007 at 04:18 pm

I think I can handle that!

See my Role Model, no wait my Dad is my Role Model...well then my Hero...nope Dad again...sigh. Ok so my favorite hockey player of all time is Mario Lemieux (my Dad can not skate Wink), and he just signed a lease to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh for 30 years! So that gives me a long time to get myself and a kid or two, or more, up to Pittsburgh to see a game. Before I left PA, I was going to an average of fifteen or twenty games per season. I was going to Pitt University which is only a few miles from the Arena. Add that to the fact that they used to sell you the best available seat in the house for $15 if you showed your college ID, and you can see how I found it easy to make it from my late class, down to the Arena.

What is not so easy is explaining how class ends at 8:30 and I made it to the game before the 7:30 faceoff to my Mother. She was too smart to buy that in my physics class we were working on time travel. She also never would have believed that they delayed the start of the game to give me a little more time to get there. Maybe that is why I never tried those excuses. Oh yeah, that is right, I never said a word and just hoped my Dad never saw me on TV at the game. It could have been worse, I could have skipped all my classes, never graduated, and ... oh wait, heh.

Goals for Spring

March 6th, 2007 at 06:48 pm

With the onset of Spring in the next few weeks, I thought it was time to write down my goals. Then in the middle of summer I can say heh guess I should start thinking about cut those weeds down...nah it is too late now!

I need a machete...I could get a gas weedeater with a metal blade, but I just know the neighbors would rather see me use a machete on the weeds that are taking over the hillside. Also, if I fall down the hillside with a power tool, I am far more likely to hurt myself than if I am holding a machete...or not.

1. I want to cut down the dead weeds before they turn green in the Spring and are much harder to deal with.

2. I want (need) to finish the doors under the kitchen bench.

3. I want to organize my old computer parts in the file cabinet..possibly even selling some/giving some away.

4. I want to get my audio equipment set up so that I can play my guitar and record it to my computer.

5. I want to get myself setup and motivated to paint some of my miniatures a night or two a week.

6. I want to write again, possibly another night or two a week.

7. I want more nights a week, so that I can also play poker a few nights, watch a movie on a night, play board games on a night, etc.

8. I want to sell some old comic books, but I am going to wait until the Spiderman movie comes out to drive up interest, as most of my comics are Spiderman.


October 30th, 2006 at 06:43 pm

Fellow Blog Mates,
I Have Something Tto Ssay
Thank You For Reading

I have been blogging here for a while now, mainly ranting about everyday nuisances and money thoughts, but sometimes about funny things that happened and blah blah...anyway. I see a lot of DS and DD and DH etc. in the other blogs. I have been wasting my time saying My Son and My younger Son or My Daughter when referring to my kids because I was not a member of the blogging inner circle. I was not given a handbook of acceptible blogger shorthand (ABS) so I was simply not in the know. Now that I know, I am sure to try hard to say my DS1 DD and DS2 were with DW and she said to me "DH your DS1 and DD and DS2 are really cute. Look at the way DS2 smiles, and listen to how pretty DS's voice is. DS1 was a pretty GB 2day don't U thnk? I spose he's ...really I ran out of stuff to say here but...

heh I need a guidebook of shorthand so I can write more posts instead of using more lettrs in my posts!! It's not fair that I am wasting letters and wearing out my poor fingers...

Phantom Raise

October 30th, 2006 at 06:35 pm

When you get a $5500 a year raise that is good right? This monetary raise was supposed to cover that fact that I will not get paid time off from my new company...

Well how about if you then find out that Health Insurance is $225 a week...you read that right WEEK. I paid $400 a month for health dental and vision with the other company...I flipped out when I first saw this. But I had a day and a half to relax and think of a way to explain this without screaming and with fine and Friday being the only words I used starting with an F...

Background information: I am sitting in the same seat, have the same phone number and do the same job, just the money is coming from someone else now.

So that makes the net raise about -$1750 with dental and vision. So...I called the company and politely asked for more money to counter the increased costs of their benefits package... They increased my pay rate by another $5000!!! This will go up more with OT. Man am I glad I called them back and politely explained the costs associated with what was supposed to be a move that was done to benefit me!!


October 30th, 2006 at 06:07 pm

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. The nights are cool, the air smells crisp, wind blows through what leaves are left on the trees. I have many good memories of Hanging with friends, sometimes up to no good, more often just eating and drinking together while always talking and laughing.

The more family oriented Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. The night comes faster with the wonderful invention of daylight saving time. ( don't get me started ...) Carving Pumpkins, especially those picked yourself at a pumpkin patch is fun to do. But you see more and more people wasting a lot of money on costumes. We had a Halloween (they called it Fall Festival to avoid all ties with Pagan Holidays...how thoughful) Party at our church and I noticed many things. Most of the children wearing homemade costumed looked like they were having more fun than those in store bought outfits. This could becasue because while that girl over there in a fancy expensive Disney Princess getup is scratching at the seems where all of the fancy cheap plastic beading was attached, the other girl in the homemade princess dress was laughing and bouncing in one of those giant inflatable bouncing thingies.

Another boy had on a store bought hulk outfit, he had fun sure, but his parents paid a lot of money for that outfit and do you think he had more fun than the girl wearing her communion dress with a tiara or the boy in a jedi outfit. His jedi shirt was custom made to fit for HIM and not one sizes fits all...I was partial to his costume, not because his Father is the Pastor and I want a free ticket to God's graces, but because he was carrying the same lightsaber that I was!

I am not saying that store bought costumes are bad, I am just saying that they can be found r made cheaper. THey have a Pirates of the Caribean Captain Jack getup that is like $30...my Mom found a cheaper pirate dealie for around $15...half price...did my son have half as much fun as if he were struggling to keep the Captain Jack pants on his thin waist, while his broad shoulders were uncomfortable in the shirt that went with it? I doubt it. The older kids all had costumes that they made themselves...by older i mean high schoolish aged, so they had more fun building their costume than they would have at Party City standing in line to pay for one.

Happy Halloween...

Nice buns baby

October 26th, 2006 at 02:35 pm

So I was in the beer aisle again, one of these days after all of the savings I am going to actually buy some beer, and I found my new favorite coupn. Good for $1 off meat or buns. Expires middle of November, limit one per QUALIFYING PURCHASE. That last part is what makes this coupon so awesome. I go to the meat section on markdown day...and find 3 packs of meat marked down half price. Now I can take an extra Buck off of each, so that is $3 more off the savings I was already going to get. Then I go down the bread aisle and find some buns to put the burgers on for 99 cents a pack...those are FREE after the coupon...I picked up enough coupons for the day, and a few extra for next week as well.

My Son Owes Me $25

August 29th, 2006 at 03:07 pm

I was playing online Texas Hold'em last night, and without boring you with the details I knew that I had the winning hand and was raising and reraising and then the very last time I needed to hit the button to call the other guys raise back to me before the animation of the chips sliding to me came up, my son, who I was holding while walking around the living room in order to get him back to sleep, kicked my hand! He made my hand hit the mouse button just after he made the mouse move so that instead of pointing to the call button, it was pointing to the fold button. So the $25 worth of chips went to the other guy. Frown

Football season is starting

August 25th, 2006 at 02:54 pm

This means by Brother will be enticing me to come to his house to watch my beloved Steelers play. THis year however...he did NOT get the Sunday Ticket where he got so like every game last year. Well if he had 5 or six TVs and 5 or 6 sets of eyes he could have watched them all at least. This year he was smart, he decided that since the Steelers are the defending champs they will have plenty of nationally televised games on and he can save his money.

I am so proud, he is thinking of saving money. This is a breakthrough moment for him I think. I might have to celebrate with him by going to his house and watching a game in a few weeks...