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Got Meat rebate

August 30th, 2006 at 02:17 pm

I was being a good shopper. I found 2 meat rebates in the beer section...why else would I be in the beer section right...Anyway 1 was for Johnsonville sausage $2 off instantly, the other was a mail in rebate good for $10 off of $20 meat purchase. I found 2 packs of sausage expiring that day marked down to 99 cents from original $2.79 so that was $5.58 for free! Also I found a roast that was around $14 on sale for $7 then marked down to $3.44!! I bought 2 of these and some steaks that were above my $2 per pound threshold, but still regular $5.99 per pound on sale for $3.99 per pound with my I have your card in my wallet too card, to get me to $20. So I got $28.10 worth of roasts one as roast one to cut up to make fajitas, and stew, and $21 worth of sirloin steaks for $20.66 and will get $10 back by mail. $54.68 worth of meat for $10.66. That was by far my best grocery deal to date.

My Son Owes Me $25

August 29th, 2006 at 03:07 pm

I was playing online Texas Hold'em last night, and without boring you with the details I knew that I had the winning hand and was raising and reraising and then the very last time I needed to hit the button to call the other guys raise back to me before the animation of the chips sliding to me came up, my son, who I was holding while walking around the living room in order to get him back to sleep, kicked my hand! He made my hand hit the mouse button just after he made the mouse move so that instead of pointing to the call button, it was pointing to the fold button. So the $25 worth of chips went to the other guy. Frown

August goals (never posted) acheived so far

August 28th, 2006 at 01:34 pm

I did not buy anything from a vending machine.

I managed to curb the car a bit more on Saturdays and got an extra day between refills of gas twice.

I sat down at my computer for the purpose of writing a bit on a story twice. (Ok so writing on a story while I played online poker in the background)

My children made it through the month without really spilling much milk or wasting too much food. This is important because I am trying to teach them that money spent replacing things that we waste is money that we can not spend on things we want.

I renewed the library books online and avoided late fees. This has a similar affect as above, where money spent on fees that could have been avoided is money that can not be spent on a want or saved.

Ohhhh a big one here, I set my paypal up to the mutual fund plan where I am now getting a return on the money that is sitting in my account waiting for me to find those perfect deals on ebay.

Speaking of perfect deals, I bought 3 WarMachine minis that have a combined retail price of $30 for $4.58.

I did good on the food budget...I even got commended by my wife for coming in under budget two weeks this month.

Football season is starting

August 25th, 2006 at 02:54 pm

This means by Brother will be enticing me to come to his house to watch my beloved Steelers play. THis year however...he did NOT get the Sunday Ticket where he got so like every game last year. Well if he had 5 or six TVs and 5 or 6 sets of eyes he could have watched them all at least. This year he was smart, he decided that since the Steelers are the defending champs they will have plenty of nationally televised games on and he can save his money.

I am so proud, he is thinking of saving money. This is a breakthrough moment for him I think. I might have to celebrate with him by going to his house and watching a game in a few weeks...

July Goals update

August 21st, 2006 at 03:16 pm

The wife helped me take the pics for star wars cards to sell...no buyers though.

I spent nothing on ebay other then some money I had in paypal account, and actually had a net gain for the month!!

I took the kids out not once but twice to launch rockets...ran out of igniters so I have to buy more before we can go again.

I bought nothing from a vending machine the entire month.

I did not paint a single bit on any of my models, but I did write most of the next update for the Omega story, as well as writing more ideas for other things so that I do not forget them and a paragraph on another older story.