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Another Riddle

October 31st, 2006 at 06:09 pm

I am round but not always easy to find around, Yet sometimes I am found just laying around. People seem to want to get as far away from me as they can, but they always come back to find me in the end. I am not really associated with Hearts and Spades, but I am with Diamonds and Clubs. I am not sharp but I have been known to slice. You will never see me smile, but you can see my dimples. What am I?

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October 31st, 2006 at 05:52 pm

I am not an article of clothing but I do have buttons. I am not an animal but I do have some form of tail. I do not speak, but I help others get their voice heard. A lot of people look down on me, others take advantage of me, by using me but not even showing the courtesy of making eye contact with me. I am useless by myself, but in the right environment I am not...in fact I'd say it is safe to say that just about all of you reading this have me close at hnad. What am I?

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Massacre at the Pumpkin Parade

October 31st, 2006 at 05:31 pm

The story was published at

Text is wixxswasteland.com and Link is http://www.wixxswasteland.com
wixxswasteland.com last night as advertised. Background information. The story was originally written in summer 2001 and edited/updated just before Halloween that year. It has been on my computer/USB flash drive ever since, until last night when it was posted for all to see. I converted it to PDF so you need Adobe acrobat reader to view it. A link is provided to get the latest version of that software under the link to the PDF of the story.

I also wrote 2 other short stories in September/October 2001. One called Halloween Lights and another titled Party Preparations. Party Preparations was then rewritten in to a longer story that was never finished, because it evolved into an even longer story...

Halloween Lights also transformed from a short 7 or 8 page story that appeared to me to make an excellent short movie such as on Tales from the Crypt on HBO back in the day, into a longer work that also never quite got rewritten to its entirety. I have the original version of Halloween Lights that I may very well post tonight on Wixx's Wasteland. I have not found an old enough version of Party Preparations yet, and it would take a few nights of dedicated writing to complete.


October 30th, 2006 at 06:43 pm

Fellow Blog Mates,
I Have Something Tto Ssay
Thank You For Reading

I have been blogging here for a while now, mainly ranting about everyday nuisances and money thoughts, but sometimes about funny things that happened and blah blah...anyway. I see a lot of DS and DD and DH etc. in the other blogs. I have been wasting my time saying My Son and My younger Son or My Daughter when referring to my kids because I was not a member of the blogging inner circle. I was not given a handbook of acceptible blogger shorthand (ABS) so I was simply not in the know. Now that I know, I am sure to try hard to say my DS1 DD and DS2 were with DW and she said to me "DH your DS1 and DD and DS2 are really cute. Look at the way DS2 smiles, and listen to how pretty DS's voice is. DS1 was a pretty GB 2day don't U thnk? I spose he's ...really I ran out of stuff to say here but...

heh I need a guidebook of shorthand so I can write more posts instead of using more lettrs in my posts!! It's not fair that I am wasting letters and wearing out my poor fingers...

Phantom Raise

October 30th, 2006 at 06:35 pm

When you get a $5500 a year raise that is good right? This monetary raise was supposed to cover that fact that I will not get paid time off from my new company...

Well how about if you then find out that Health Insurance is $225 a week...you read that right WEEK. I paid $400 a month for health dental and vision with the other company...I flipped out when I first saw this. But I had a day and a half to relax and think of a way to explain this without screaming and with fine and Friday being the only words I used starting with an F...

Background information: I am sitting in the same seat, have the same phone number and do the same job, just the money is coming from someone else now.

So that makes the net raise about -$1750 with dental and vision. So...I called the company and politely asked for more money to counter the increased costs of their benefits package... They increased my pay rate by another $5000!!! This will go up more with OT. Man am I glad I called them back and politely explained the costs associated with what was supposed to be a move that was done to benefit me!!


October 30th, 2006 at 06:07 pm

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. The nights are cool, the air smells crisp, wind blows through what leaves are left on the trees. I have many good memories of Hanging with friends, sometimes up to no good, more often just eating and drinking together while always talking and laughing.

The more family oriented Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. The night comes faster with the wonderful invention of daylight saving time. ( don't get me started ...) Carving Pumpkins, especially those picked yourself at a pumpkin patch is fun to do. But you see more and more people wasting a lot of money on costumes. We had a Halloween (they called it Fall Festival to avoid all ties with Pagan Holidays...how thoughful) Party at our church and I noticed many things. Most of the children wearing homemade costumed looked like they were having more fun than those in store bought outfits. This could becasue because while that girl over there in a fancy expensive Disney Princess getup is scratching at the seems where all of the fancy cheap plastic beading was attached, the other girl in the homemade princess dress was laughing and bouncing in one of those giant inflatable bouncing thingies.

Another boy had on a store bought hulk outfit, he had fun sure, but his parents paid a lot of money for that outfit and do you think he had more fun than the girl wearing her communion dress with a tiara or the boy in a jedi outfit. His jedi shirt was custom made to fit for HIM and not one sizes fits all...I was partial to his costume, not because his Father is the Pastor and I want a free ticket to God's graces, but because he was carrying the same lightsaber that I was!

I am not saying that store bought costumes are bad, I am just saying that they can be found r made cheaper. THey have a Pirates of the Caribean Captain Jack getup that is like $30...my Mom found a cheaper pirate dealie for around $15...half price...did my son have half as much fun as if he were struggling to keep the Captain Jack pants on his thin waist, while his broad shoulders were uncomfortable in the shirt that went with it? I doubt it. The older kids all had costumes that they made themselves...by older i mean high schoolish aged, so they had more fun building their costume than they would have at Party City standing in line to pay for one.

Happy Halloween...

Instant Poem - Halloween

October 30th, 2006 at 05:53 pm

I invented Instant Poems...this means I started typing before I thought about the poem. So it might suck because I did not think on it long, nor is it edited or re-written blah blah...here it is

October 31st and what am I to do,

I do not have a costume on to be like you.

I am lying here, pondering my life,

Thinking of times of good, and times of strife.

As I look back I think of many things,

And all of the emotions that each memorance brings.

I will not go out and knock on neightbor's door.

As has been customary from the time of yore.

I also have no candy that I can give away,

To the costumed children, as dusk takes over the day.

I tried to stand and get my keys,

But it seems that darkness is all that either of my eyes sees.

They are not closed, of this I am sure,

but perhaps I need to try and remember a little more.

Autumn is here the leaves are surely changing,

Throughout colors and hues that are very wide-ranging.

As the seasons pass I try to recollect,

Just what I have become as I feel no respect.

But then the thoughts return to my empty head,

I can not trick or treat, because I am dead!

Time to write

October 30th, 2006 at 05:36 pm

I have been having trouble finding time to write...and by write I mean a lot more than just entries here. I have several novels in my mind that I have started to type up but have never finished. I do however have a few short stories finished...and most of them were written for Halloween...so what better time to put them online. I have finally registered wixxswasteland.com and will publish The Massacre at the Pumpkin Parade tonight...on the Eve of Halloween...if all goes as planned I will re-edit one or two of the other stories and publish them tomorrow. Just so you know these are as stated Halloween stories and are not quite as whimsical and humorous as my entries here.

In the future I hope to publish more of my works as seeing them printed on my browser will hopefully entice me to complete more of what I have started, and then start more that I have drempt up.

Text is Happy Halloween and Link is http://wixxswasteland.com
Happy Halloween

Nice buns baby

October 26th, 2006 at 02:35 pm

So I was in the beer aisle again, one of these days after all of the savings I am going to actually buy some beer, and I found my new favorite coupn. Good for $1 off meat or buns. Expires middle of November, limit one per QUALIFYING PURCHASE. That last part is what makes this coupon so awesome. I go to the meat section on markdown day...and find 3 packs of meat marked down half price. Now I can take an extra Buck off of each, so that is $3 more off the savings I was already going to get. Then I go down the bread aisle and find some buns to put the burgers on for 99 cents a pack...those are FREE after the coupon...I picked up enough coupons for the day, and a few extra for next week as well.