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Massacre at the Pumpkin Parade

October 31st, 2006 at 05:31 pm

The story was published at

Text is wixxswasteland.com and Link is http://www.wixxswasteland.com
wixxswasteland.com last night as advertised. Background information. The story was originally written in summer 2001 and edited/updated just before Halloween that year. It has been on my computer/USB flash drive ever since, until last night when it was posted for all to see. I converted it to PDF so you need Adobe acrobat reader to view it. A link is provided to get the latest version of that software under the link to the PDF of the story.

I also wrote 2 other short stories in September/October 2001. One called Halloween Lights and another titled Party Preparations. Party Preparations was then rewritten in to a longer story that was never finished, because it evolved into an even longer story...

Halloween Lights also transformed from a short 7 or 8 page story that appeared to me to make an excellent short movie such as on Tales from the Crypt on HBO back in the day, into a longer work that also never quite got rewritten to its entirety. I have the original version of Halloween Lights that I may very well post tonight on Wixx's Wasteland. I have not found an old enough version of Party Preparations yet, and it would take a few nights of dedicated writing to complete.

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