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So you want more information about Revolution Money Exchange before you sign up.

May 13th, 2008 at 06:28 pm

Ok, I understand. I know that no one wants to sign up for something without understanding the fine print. So click these links and read the fine print. Then sign up to get your $25 free!!(limited time, according to the refer-a-friend website it expires on May 15th) The money is there immediately after your account is accepted-which for me was also immediately. If you have a significant other, they can sign up as well. Basically one account per person. You must be 18 or the age a majority in your area. And it is currently only available to US residents. There are no fees to open the account, link the account to your checking account, load money to the account, or withdrawal money from the account to your linking checking account. The schedule of fees is defined as follows:

Transaction Description -- Fee

Withdraw Money by Check $2.50

Paper Statement $5.00

Returned ACH fee $35.00

Overdraft Fee $35.00

Stop Payment on a Check $20.00

Text is Terms of Use and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/WebSiteTermsofUse.aspx
Terms of Use
Text is Accountholder Agreement and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/AccountHolderAgmt.aspx
Accountholder Agreement
Text is Security features and Link is https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/WebSite/Security.aspx
Security features

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