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Party Preparations

November 1st, 2006 at 03:13 pm

Turns out I had the Original of this one and not the Original of Halloween Lights. Party Preparation was written to be very detail oriented and give the feeling of October and autumn. It is a lot less horrific than Massacre at the Pumpkin Parade (both stories can be found at

Text is Wixx's Wasteland and Link is http://wixxswasteland.com
Wixx's Wasteland)It is 7 pages in this form. Later I went back and added even more detail and particular told more of the story of the villagers that were invited to the castle as 'guests' for the party.

I started a romantic plotline between the narrator and one particular villager that had several twists in my mind. I was not sure how to proceed as all of my ideas were processing in thought but not in type, so there the story sits,waiting for a decision on what will become of the beautiful Ravari and our main character as he completes his Party Preparations.

Halloween Lights was written to give the reader a feeling of early afternoon on Halloween as the characters are finishing up on their Halloween decorating. It was a campy short story with an ending that made me smile and chuckle. It then eveolved into something a lot darker as I tried to bring out more of a contrast between the good exterior and the evil within...it also became more erotic and as such I am not quite ready to release it to the general public. I may tone it down a bit and release it shorty...or save it for next Halloween...

The kids had a great time trick or treating, as expected and most of the kids were actually wearing costumes this year.