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Did you know

April 14th, 2008 at 03:37 pm

The Compact Fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them. The package says they must be disposed of properly. Did you know that this is as simple as a google search for HHW (hazardous household waste) and the name of the nearest major city? Google should be able to find the nearest HHW recycling center for you. I was able to find that Charmeck - Charlotte and the nearby communities, has 4 HHW centers that offer free disposal of most HHW. I also found many, many articles advising that although the mercury in a CFL bulb is dangerous and needs to be disposed of properly when the bulb needs replaced or is broken, it can be done simply and you do not need to call a HAZMAT team!

Do not use a vacuum to clean the residue from a broken CFL!! Open windows to allow the mercury vapor to dissipate while you work. Clean up the dust and glass fragments with a disposable towel. Place the peices, and the towel in a sealable bag or container (Zip lock should work). Take it to the HHW recycling center.