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Ok I reread this and Laughed so I thought I would re-share

September 18th, 2007 at 06:35 pm

I was reading my posts saying wow I haven't posted in a while, when I read

Text is BOOM and Link is http://wixx.savingadvice.com/2006/06/30/boom_10737/
BOOM and cracked up laughing. The guy in the cubicle acrossed from me heard me and came over. He read the story and said man that is funny, so I thought I would bring it back to everyone's attention again. The last paragragh, in the silly mood that I am in was ridiculous.

September goals

September 18th, 2007 at 06:22 pm

Hey look it is September, guess I should post some goals or something. First I want to remain completely on-board the no vending machine wagon. This is hard to do as I now eat lunch with Joe a lot and he has Reese's peanut butter cups every day. I want peanut butter cups...but I am not buying them.

By the end of the month I should be a certified Cub Scout Den leader.

I suppose a goal of mine ought to be to make sure the kids in my den have the most fun that they will have through their entire scout career during this year.

I want to finish watching the rest of the Firefly episodes on the current run I am on (disk 3), so I can watch the collector's edition of Serenity.

I want to get the bike's out of the garage to get my car in their before the weather gets cooler and the feral kittens decide to keep warm under the hood in the driveway.

I want to get my kids to help me make some terrain again, that was fun. So far they helped me to make trapdoors and helped to glue the foilage onto the tree armatures. I want to get them to make boulders or rocky outcrops out of some of the styrene insulation that I have in the garage.

I want to make fences out of balsa, pillars out of foamboard, and rocky terrain out of styrene...paint, finish, and SELL...just to see if I can.

I still want to write more...never enough hours to spend time with the kids, finish whatever my wife signs me up for, and have enough left for work and fun.

I still want a way to record my 8mm video tapes onto DVD.

I would like to play poker on poker night...

I am still not telling my wife what I got, but I have one of her Christmas presents already... in one of the boxes that she hates so much!!

I want to want to do some cub scout things...sounds silly but I really do want to want to camp out...I just do not at this time. I do want to fire a bow on the archery range, but I would like to want to do some other things...I am after all going to be a den leader, I should want to be more involved.

I want to talk to my Nephew about his first day as a tax-paying employee. He is seventeen and had his first day of his first job yesterday!! I worked seasonally in a very similar store when I was 18 or 19 myself.

I want to find out when my Wife's Brother is leaving for his next trip in the battle against terrorism abroad and take my Wife to visit him and his family before he does.

I want to have better communication with a few of my friends back up North. I talked to my friend, the one who introduced me to my wife today on instant messenger. I would like to talk to him and the best man at my wedding more often.